Taste Bolognese traditions at Buca Manzoni

Our philosophy

The very first moment we've seen the restaurant, and his rich cultural heritage, we've imagined it fully refurbished and full of people enjoying traditional Bolognese dishes.

The walls told us the origins of the building, what happened here in the past, and so we had the idea of making it a pleasure for both the eyes and the mouth, by keeping intact the apparance of this historic place.

As Via Manzoni became a pedestrian only area and many of the historical palaces had been just returned to theyr best, we decided to be part of this movement by restoring the restaurant respecting its heritage, both in walls and in food and good wine.

All this should be available to anyone, we thought, since history, culture and good food shouldn't be a privilege; what's best then than a good dish of hand made tagliatelle in an historical place, when it's offered at a fair price?


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Buca Manzoni
Via Manzoni 6 G
40139 Bologna (ITALY)
Phone +39 051 271307
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