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This web site uses cookies and other similar technologies to offer advanced and user tailored functionalities, and for a better user experience; this document explains how these technologies work and how this web site uses them and how you can manage them.


Cookies are used by the web server to store small data fragments on the user's device, in the active browser software. Those data fragments will be sent back to the web server whenever the user requests a new web page from the site, in the same session (session cookies) or even in another session (persistent cookies). Cookies are stored in each browser software in each device (pc, tablet, smartphone) separately. Similar technologies, such as, for example, web beacons, transparent GIFs and HTML5 local storage, can also be used to gather info on user behavior and site performance, that's why we will be simply referring from now on to all of these simply as "cookies".

Cookie types

Based on their features and usage, we can distinguish some cookie types:

Required cookies (also known as technical cookies): these are required for the web site to run properly, as they are used for example to permit login and access to reserved areas. These cookies are usually session cookies, so they are destroyed at each session end (closing of a browser's tab or window, except if the user set his browser differently). Blocking them makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get such features (for example, no login is possible), but all public functions of the site remain operational. This site uses technical first party cookies.

Performance and analysis cookies: these are used to analyze site performance and traffic, and, without identifying the single user, can sense for example if he's a new or a returning user. They can also track what kind of devices are used, and from what geographic region users are coming, as to check and enhance web site performance and user friendliness. Those cookies can be blocked without losing any kind of web site functionalities. This site uses only FIRST PARTY ANONYMIZED analysis cookies.

Profiling cookies: these are permanent (mostly third party) cookies used to track the single user behavior, so that anonymity is NOT possible. This site DOES NOT USE ANY cookie of this type.

Third party cookies

Visiting a web site the user can get first party cookies (cookies set by the main site, and so linked to the main web site domain) or third party cookies (cookies set by another site, and linked to another domain). An example of that are all the social network plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and similar. These are page components that are produced on the social network site, but appear integrated in the current web site layout. One of the common usages for these is easy content sharing on social networks. The presence of these components permit the social media site to set its third party cookies, and this is usually used by them to insert profiling cookies. As such, data read by this means is managed on each third party systems with their rules, that you should read. Here we link some of the most famous social network policies for your convenience.

Configuration: Got to your account, privacy section.



This web site does NOT use ANY third party cookies, of any kind.

Cookie duration

Some cookies, such as session cookies, are kept alive only up to the current session's end, or up to the logout from the web site; other cookies are longer living, and are not destroyed upon session's end. These are called persistent cookies and are available in the next visit to the web site. These can have a timeout (usually a long one) or can be kept forever.

Cookie management

The user can decide what cookies he wants to accept by configuring his browser's options.
Please keep in mind that disabling first party technical cookies can severely limit registered user's web site functionalities. Public content instead continues to be available.
Disabling third party cookies on this website has no harm, since NO THIRD PARTY cookies are used on this web site.
These settings can be set in the browser both globally and specifically for each web site visited. Best browsers also permit different configs for first party cookies and third party ones.
As an example, in Mozilla Firefox you can manage all your cookies and block the unwanted ones by using the command Tools-> Options - >Privacy.

See these link for other browser's configuration examples:

Internet Explorer

Cookies used by this web site

This web site uses only these cookies, ALL FIRST PART ONES:

PHPSESSID: PHP session, 12 hours of duration

_pk_id.*.* : Anonymized analysis, 13 months duration.

_pk_id_*.* : Anonymized analysis, unlimited duration.

_pk_ses.*.* : Anonymized analysis, 30 minutes duration.

_pk_ses.*.* : Anonymized analysis, unlimited duration.

Updates to this document

This document will be updated when changes arise.

(Last updated: April 9th, 2022)


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